Exploring nature based solutions: the role of green infrastructure in mitigating the impacts of weather and climate change-related natural hazards

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978929216932 (ISBN) | 1725-2237 (ISSN)
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This report tries to demonstrate the role of Green Infrastructure (GI) for mitigating vulnerability to weather and climate variability-related natural hazards at European level, addressing some of the challenges and information gaps. It proposes a simple, practical methodology for screening (rather than assessing) ecosystem services in areas where GI may contribute to reducing current (or future) weather and climate-related natural hazards. The report addresses landslides, avalanches, floods, soil erosion, storm surges and carbon stabilisation by ecosystems.

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Marco Fritz (Directorate-General for the Environment (DG Environment))Alfonso Gutierrez-Teira (DG Climate Action)• Juan Perez-Lorenzo (DG Climate Action)Sandro Nieto-Silleras (DG Climate Action)• Jelena Milos (DG Climate Action)Joachim Maes (Joint Research Centre (JRC))Camino Liquete (JRC)Marie Cugny-Seguin (EEA)Blaz Kurnik (EEA)Hans-Martin Füssel (EEA)Andre Jol (EEA)Markus Erhard (EEA)Andrus Meiner (EEA)Ronan Uhel (EEA).