Creation of a Park for water retention: The Cloudburst Management Plan, Copenhagen

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    Following 2011 floods, the Copenhagen Concretization Plans were commissioned to combat climate change. "These integrated, multi-disciplinary plans bridge the gap between planning and site-specific solutions through the application of a typology-based Cloudburst Toolkit.

    The “Cloudburst Management Plan” addresses 8 central city catchments (Norrebro, Ladegards-aen and Vesterbro, Valby & Vanlose), encompassing a total area of 34 km². It includes 300 separate projects that are expected to run over the course of the next 20 years."

    "The lake becomes a multi-fonctional park space with recreation, fitness, and heritage amenities that capitalize space use, simultaneously mitigate Cloudbursts and normal rain events, and beckons residents and guests to engage with the active waterfront edge.

    Multi-functional edges with accessible waterfronts, creating habitat zones paired with beach and recreational program while retaining and improving existing urban structure. Even during rare Cloudbursts, the lake provides flood storage and protects surrounding areas from flooding."

    Technical characteristics

    7000 m3 retention capacity for the park area and 40000m3 retention capacity for the lake part.

    Success factors / lessons learnt

    "The insurance damage savings and the increase in real estate value are two of the highest socio-economic benefits from Cloudburst adaptation. Blue- Green is the future for establishing urban ecological waterscapes while balancing sound investment and economic opportunities with social benefit improvements.

    Cloudburst solutions can provide much more than just stormwater management. The strategic flood masterplan is the opportunity to safeguard Copenhagen while providing the foundations for a high-quality city environment. Resilient urban ecological waterscapes are the foundation for vibrant public realm spaces that are culturally and socially significant and contribute to the economic longevity, quality of life, and well-being of cities.

    The Copenhagen Formula provides a structure for integrating built, existing context with retrofit Blue-Green solutions.
    The implementable, pragmatic tools mitigate extreme storm events and improve our cityscapes. Private developers and homeowners alike become champions for local solutions where a multi-disciplinary, cross-agency collaboration engaged designers, planners, sociologists, economists, biologists, geographers, information specialists, and communication experts interacting with public utility companies, stakeholders, interest groups, local politicians, and investors.
    Cloudburst solutions are often left out of upstream area planning where residents see no flooding problems. Yet water has no boundary. Municipal borders must be lowered to develop a common vision across disparate districts. A recent interactive workshop led by the Engineer and Landscape Architect in a suburb of Copenhagen engaged residents through a series of interactive sessions designed to raise awareness and survey desired citizen interests. Hydraulic function was presented in an engaging, educational sequence that involved the public interest with private development goals."

    The project won 2 awards: the C40 Cities Award 2016 category: Adaptation in Action and the 2016 American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence

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    Copenhaguen city

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    SDG3 – Good Health and Well-being
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    Priority 3. Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
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    City of Copenhaguen
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    Ramboll and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
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    Ramboll; Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl; City Copenhagen; Greater Copenhagen Utilities (Hofor); City of Fredriksberg; Fredriksberg Utilities;

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