Creating a Periurban Park in Prague: the CONFLUENCE Project

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    Summary (Challenges; Objectives)

    "The objectives are to create long term conditions for a metropolitan periurban park Confluence (Soutok in Czech) and introduce tools for coordinated and sustainable development of periurban landscapes. The main aim is to create harmony in between supported natural processes, economical interests and the visitors activities. Set conditions for formation of landscapes rich on natural biotop diversity, transparent and penetrable suburban areas with alive flowing river, side by side agriculture, integrated flood protection and management, and economic and sport activities."

    Technical characteristics

    "The boundaries are defined by the riverine zones of the rivers Berounka and Vltava. Another line is held by small, but rich in biodiversity and biotops, the Lipanský stream. The area is more than 1300 hectares large, full of natural and agricultural ecosystems with flood areas of great potential for recreational uses followed by revitalizations of brownfields, riverbanks and industrialized large scale agriculture."

    Success factors / lessons learnt

    Lessons learned: - cooperation and collaboration between various actors and entities in a periurban landscape - importance of frequent periodic discussions, open talks and presentations to the stakeholders in the area of interest - importance of connection with residents and public relations - transparent and open approach to locals residents and stakeholders - systematic identification of problems in the area of importance - revitalization of brownfields for meaningful and public uses - inclusion of valuable biotop areas into the landscape planning - creative and simple ideas are easy and quick to implement and increase the acceptance of the project - importance of finding harmony, interplay and balance natural solutions for the periurban landscape

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    The CONFLUENCE project area is located in the urban fringe of the city in the southwest of Prague. Main part of the park area is part of administration of the Prague 12 district, Radotín, Lipence, the town of Černošice, Zbraslav and Velká Chuchle district

    Ecosystem (s) impacted
    Hazard(s) concerned
    Other challenges
    Exposed assets
    Urban or residential areas
    Is there population exposed?
    Yes, medium density of population ( between 50 and 200 persons/km2)
    Are there jobs created in the nature-based sector?
    Don't know
    Are there new employments in tourism sector, sport activities or recreational activites ?
    Don't know
    Are there new activities in the tourism sector , sport activities or recreational activites?
    Don't know
    International classification
    Sustainable development goals addressed
    SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
    Sendai Frameword priorities addressed
    Priority 3. Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
    Who are the beneficiaries of the action
    Hlavní město Praha (The City of Prague)
    Contact person
    Office of Landscape and Green Infrastructure, IPR PRAHA Project manager: Ing. arch. Zdeněk En
    Organizations involved in the implementation of the action

    The Capital City of Prague; Prague districts: Radotín, Zbraslav, Velká Chechule, Lipence, Praha 12; The Town of Černošice; Residential owners and landowners; Prague City Administration and Authority; Prague Institute of Planning and Development, ect.

    Temporal aspects
    Design life time of the action
    Don’t know
    Implementation time of the action
    Don’t know
    Participatory process
    Is it possible to transpose this action in a different context?
    Yes, it is easily transposable

    Publications and reports:Various case studies were published from 2015 to the present. Such as Stakeholder and Landowners Analysis, Spatial Analyses, Socioeconomic study, Analysis of Projects and Intention of Local Stakeholders with spatial and database representation, Legal analysis of possible types of the periurban park administration, Review of Hydrogeological Conditions of the River Basin, Preliminary Biological and Ecosystem Analysis.<ul><li> 2014 - Koncepce pražských břehů</li><li>2016 - Socioekonomická analýza území Soutok (Socio-economic analysis of the area Soutok)… Projekt Soutok: Podklady pro prostorovou koncepci s katalogem záměrů (Project Soutok: Main analysis for spatial conception and catalogue of 34 interest)</li><li>2018 Projekt Soutok analytické podklady (Project Soutok analytical materials)… Akční plán pro založení příměstského parku SOUTOK (Action plan for peri urban park establishment SOUTOK)</li><li>2018 Analýza ekosystémových služeb v oblasti budoucího příměstského parku Soutok (Ecosystem service analysis in future areas of Periurban park Soutok)</li></ul>

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