Rain gardens in Kviberg

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    “In some parts of Göteborg floods have been a common problem. In heavy rain, it happens, among other things that large amounts of rainwater from water pipes penetrate into wastewater pipes, which may overload them. The consequences are that unclean waste water flows right into the city's watercourses. At Kviberg's multisport arena, it is extra important to clean the water flowing from the plant because Säveån, a Natura 2000 area, is located close by.” The objectives of the project are to create rain gardens that clean the water from the parking at Kviberg’s multisports arena. Also, “the city of Göteborg has a clear environmental objective of natural water treatment that the city will strive for” and which the project is in line with.Implementation activities In June 2015, the city completed one of the country's first rain gardens. The rain garden is a pilot project (demo site) for sluggish storm water drainage, and is located at the Kviberg's multisport arena. The rain gardens have two functions, to filter pollutants from the parking space and to slow down large water flows to avoid floods when it rains a lot.

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    Creation of rain gardens which cover 700 square meters.

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    Göteborg, Sweden

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    water management
    Exposed assets
    Urban settings
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    Sustainable development goals addressed
    SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
    Sendai Frameword priorities addressed
    Priority 3. Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
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    Public local authority's budget

    Project cost: 100 000 - 500 000 EUR

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