Lovstien Nature Trail, Bergen, Norway

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    Just outside densely built-up area in Bergen, a 6km nature-trail has been built. The trail brings citizens closer to nature and gives great opportunities for recreation. The trail runs up on the mountains and in to the forest, and at selected points along the trail there are beautiful look-outs, picnic areas and places for children to play.Løvstien has been built with materials and a design that will tolerate high levels of rainfall, as Bergen is experiencing a lot of rain, and are projected to get even more over the coming decades due to climate change. Løvstien is designed as a comprehensive technical and aesthetic solution with good adaptation to the terrain. The project is an interdisciplinary project addressing challenges relating to runoff (SDG 6) and landslides, to the steep and hilly terrain and to adaptation of existing buildings and established walkways. At selected points along the Løvstien trail, look outs, activities and picnic areas have been established for recreation and play (SDG 3).

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    Bergen, Norway

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    SDG3 – Good Health and Well-being

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