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Nature-based Solutions (NbS) work with nature to benefit both natural ecosystems and the people that depend on them. By putting nature at the centre, NbS address a range of societal challenges: protecting, sustainably managing or restoring natural or modified ecosystems and supporting their health, function and biodiversity.The research collated in this brief confirms that NbS deliver simultaneously multiple benefits and shows the wide-ranging beneficial impacts of scaling up their implementation across Europe.

"Climate change and forest ecosystems are closely connected, with climate mainly affecting the rate, frequency, intensity and timing of air temperature, solar radiation and rainfall. Climate change impacts can be both positive and negative on forest structure, growth patterns, composition, productivity and functioning, depending on the location and type of forest. For example, positive effects are expected, in Europe, on wood production and wood supply, especially at high latitude, due to enhanced CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and more rainfall.

Recent studies have highlighted the importance of boosting green urban areas and connecting fragments of green space with ecological corridors to improve biodiversity and animal species dispersal within the urban landscape. If adequately designed, green corridors can improve urban ventilation, allowing for cooler air from outside to penetrate into the more densely built areas, and reducing thus the urban heat island effect. Urban green areas can also have positive effects for human health and climate change adaptation.

The public facing Natural Infrastructure Opportunities Tool (NIOT), developed in collaboration with the Natural Infrastructure Initiative, focuses on identifying natural infrastructure and beneficial use opportunities.

The overall objective of this platform is to “consolidate and facilitate access to the large dispersed evidence-base on the effectiveness of NBS for addressing climatic impacts on people and economic sectors, and thereby support global efforts to design and implement robust targets for nature in climate change and development policy”.

A multi-stakeholder communication platform supporting the understanding and promotion of Nature based Solutions (NbS).A continuous dialogue &amp; interaction on NbS to:<ul><li>steer dialogue through forums and debates</li><li>identify, communicate &amp; promote successful NbS</li><li>identify regulatory, economic &amp; technical barriers</li><li>foster collaboration at local, regional, national &amp; EU levels</li><li>develop synergy with other projects on NbS</li></ul>

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The European Climate Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT is a partnership between the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA).